Paul Racel Mansibang Placer


This study aims to determine the way of writing the following Filipino word construction: use of apostrophes in omitting phonemes; use of apostrophes in contraction of two words; use of <d> and <r>; use of <nang>, <ng>, and <na’ng>; and use of hyphen. The researcher selected respondents with the use of the cluster sampling technique that has its freedom to select respondents from the group of populations. Teacher-made test is the instrument for this study. Frequency count, mean, standard deviation, t-test for independent samples, and analysis of variance were used to synthesize the results. Based on the results, respondents performed fairly in writing and spelling out Filipino words. Furthermore, problems in orthographic literacy were manifested in item analysis due to the unfamiliarity in the correct spelling of morphemes and its rules. However, when it comes to comparative analysis of data in terms of demographic profile, some group performance in word construction manifested significant differences.

Keywords: word construction, spelling, orthography, demographic profile.

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