Iftinadia Rahma Prasetyawati Melania, Abdillah Nugroho


The aim of the study is to show what kind of discrimination treatment is given by white people to black people, as shown in this movie. Discrimination is not only about racial or religious differences, but when in the workplace who as preventing someone from fulfilling their professional and personal aspirations without regard to achievement. But the things that often occur in discrimination are terms of race, religion, or belief. Based on this movie, black people from African-Americans do not get their rights as human beings properly. The method used in this research is in the form of document analysis. In document analysis, the author analyzes the document to be able to find out the content or meaning which is sometimes in the form of a document. This story will tell the story of a white man of Italian descent who at first disliked black people and kept his distance from them, which in the end changed his views and became a friendship between the two. The impact of the discriminatory treatment given by people to Don, caused him to be a person who always felt insecure wherever he was.

Keywords: Perspective, discrimination, African-American.

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