Major Changes in the Attitude of Women Characters in the Short Stories of Shashi Deshpande

Alpana Gupta


It is a known fact that an individual living in society is directly or indirectly influenced by its norms and regulations. For women, these norms and regulations are generally a product of social conditioning.
Women in society are considered as secondary citizen. They have inferior status in society. Shashi Deshpande is a well known name in Indian English literature. She writes about the women’s conditions in society. In her short- stories, she very beautifully describes women characters and their suppressed feelings. Her characters want to break down social norms which regulate them to a defined position. How she deals with the middle class women’s frustrations, turmoil and their silences?
What her protagonists do to get salvation? What kind of urge and demand they have to identify their own real beings. These are the questions which are tried to answer in this research paper entitled “Major Changes in the Attitude of Women Characters in the Short Stories of Shashi Deshpande”. And effort has therefore been made in this research paper to show some light on women’s inner feelings and their changed attitude towards their problems in society.
Keywords: Social conditioning, Suppressed feelings, Changed attitude.

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