Subjugation, Caste Discrimination and Quest for Identity: A Critical Dalit Response to Laxman Bapu Mane’s Upara: An Outsider

Imrul Kayes Alam Sarkar


Dalit literature is the literature of protest against the established system which is based on inequality and injustice. Laxman Bapu Mane, a social activist and a Maratha writer, has occupied a distinct position in Indian Dalit Literature. His autobiography Upara: An Outcaste is considered as a mile stone in Maratha Dalit literature and he received Sahitya Academi Award in 1981and Padma Shree in 2009 for this autobiography.Through this autobiography, he has presented the reflection of traumas and wounded psyche of Dalit people. In his life, he has faced extreme caste discrimination and experiences exploitation, humiliation and starvation of his community. He reveals that the Indian society is caste ridden where they are dehumanized, tortured and abhorred by the high caste Hindus. The present paper aims to show the wretched condition of Dalit people and at the same time it aims to emphasis on the changing condition of Dalit people and their changing point of view due to the impact of education on them. The Dalit academia that expanded vastly on the horizon of India after 1970s challenges the conventional views of caste, religion and god and radically questions the exclusions of Dalits from power, knowledge, culture and society.

Keywords: Caste Discrimination, Untouchability, Marginality and Quest for Identity, etc.

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