About the Journal

International Journal of Social Sciences & Humanities (IJSSH)

International Journal of Social Sciences & Humanities (IJSSH) is a double-blind peer review openly accessible journal published annually by Association-Institute for English Language and American Studies (AIELAS), Tetovo - North Macedonia that deals with both applied and theoretical issues.

The aims and goals of International Journal of Social Sciences & Humanities (IJSSH) are to offer an intellectual platform to the international scholars and to promote interdisciplinary studies in Social Science and Humanities. Generally, accepted papers will appear online within 8 months.

The scopes of the journal include, but are not limited to the following fields: Anthropology, Applied Sociology, Archeological Discovery, Art and Design, Behavioral Science, Benedictine Studies, Bible and Science, Business Studies, Civics, Communication Studies, Constitutional Crises, Constitutional Governance, Corporate Governance, Creative Education, Criminology, Cultural Diversity, Cultural Studies, Cultural Unity, Culture and Heritage, Demography, Development Studies, Econometrics, Economics, Education, Educational Studies, Ethics, Foreign Relations, Foreign Trade, Geography, History, Human Geography, Information Science, International Relations, Journalism, Law and Justice, Leadership, Library Science, Linguistics, Literature, Media Studies, Oriental Studies, Philosophy, Physical Education, Political Science, Population Studies, Psychology, Public Administration, Public Enterprises, Public Relations, Quran and Science, Safety Science and Technology, Social Conflicts, Social Development, Social Relations, Social Studies, Social Theories, Social Welfare, Sociology, Stress and Depression, Urban Studies, and Women’s Studies.