• Miguel U. Nicolas, Jr.* Principal II, Department of Education, Schools Division Office-Quirino, Philippines
  • Sebastian S. Ignacio Public Schools District Supervisor, Department of Education, Schools Division Office-Quirino, Philippines
  • Romiro G. Bautista International Relations Officer, Quirino State University, Philippines


Action Research, Research Attitude, Lackadaisical Attitude.


Within the realm of educational research, understanding educators' attitudes towards various aspects of the research process holds paramount importance. This study delves into such attitudes, unveiling valuable insights into prevailing dispositions among respondents. Notably, a substantial high lackadaisical attitude is prevalent, notably concerning action research execution, personal interest, research application, and research-related apprehensions. Conversely, respondents exhibit a more balanced perspective in approaching research difficulties, showcasing a moderate lackadaisical stance that contrasts with the pronounced attitudes observed in other dimensions. The significance of these findings is rooted in their potential implications for refining educational practices. To address the identified high lackadaisical attitudes, tailored interventions are recommended, including strategies to enhance action research engagement, nurture personal interest, alleviate research anxiety, and promote research utilization. Capitalizing on the moderate lackadaisical attitude towards research challenges presents an opportunity for proactive approaches to surmounting obstacles. In essence, these insights form a bedrock for shaping future educational initiatives, fostering a culture of proactive inquiry and enriching the landscape of research engagement within the educational context.


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